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Do you
  • Desire working for a true software product company, creating SaaS and mobile applications from start to finish?
  • Want to ride the online video megatrend wave and become a pioneer in building new video-related products?
  • Like to spend your days with a relaxed, multicultural, English-speaking team – with tech-savvy colleagues and great vistas from our top-floor seaside office?

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You want to
  • Create high-quality code for new video communication SaaS and mobile applications
  • Build clean and highly scalable architectures using cutting-edge technologies
  • Solve demanding technical challenges related to online video processing, scalable cloud services, and high-performance web or mobile interfaces
You have
  • M.Sc. or B.Sc. degree, preferably in Computer Science, or currently studying for one
  • Hands-on experience in developing web or mobile applications as part of a software development team
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